Our office is located in Carovigno, in the province of Brindisi, a municipality in the Alto Salento that records increasing percentages of visitors, becoming much coveted in the real estate business.

☼ Why do you want to invest in puglia?

Are you attracted to the aesthetics of Apulian rural buildings? Do you want to buy a luxury villa, a trullo for holidays, a masseria to convert into a resort or private residence? Are you a wine lover, would you like to produce Primitivo or Negroamaro?

We offer a large variety of land and properties: from the typical conical-shaped trullo, the charming farms/masserie, to the lamias surrounded by centuries-old olive trees.
We will be happy to dedicate you our time.

We like to personally advice our customers

☼ Sustainable Approach

Many of the properties you will find in Puglia are linked to the history of the territory; maintaining the architectural characteristics and preserving their habitat is of fundamental importance for the locals and visitors.
For example, Trulli cannot be demolished and are part of the building area.

☼ Confidentiality

If you have very specific requests, we offer you a tailor-made service and we can search for ‘ex-novo’, with the utmost respect for your privacy. We are enterprising but attentive to sensitive customer data, for this reason not everything is visible on our site.

☼ Your optimal price range

Have you already identified the price range for your investment? If you have noticed a property whose request exceeds your budget, nothing prevents you from making your written offer. We assist your negotiation both in Italian and in a foreign language.

☼ The Property

Visit the property in person and try to understand the hidden atmosphere and potential, without being misled by its current state or furnishings. It is important to know who the owner is instead; type and intended use; presence of mortgages on the property. You can count on our team to verify the administrative and cadastral documentation.

☼ The orientation of the property

The orientation has ancient origins; Vitruvius already spoke of it in 15 BC. in his “De Architectura”. Even today, Bioclimatic Architecture takes up the concepts theorized by the ancient Romans.
Let’s summarize:
North is the coldest side of the house: more suitable for spaces that need less light and shade plants.
South is the brightest side of the house: suitable for more intensely lived spaces.
If the garden is facing south, prepare plants that create shaded areas and coverings.
East is the side of the first rays of sun: suitable for breakfast on the veranda and the sleeping area.

West: sun from the afternoon. It is the most exposed part of the house in the sun; suitable for dining or study areas to enjoy prolonged natural lighting.

☼ Financial Advice

You can evaluate the conditions for obtaining a mortgage together with our team. If you do not live in Italy and plan to open a bank account in Italy, a recommended choice especially in the presence of non-Euro currencies, we would be happy to assist you. Having a bank account in Italy it will be easier to manage all payments relating to the property: maintenance of internal and external spaces, cleaning and other services. Finally, the direct debit will facilitate the payment of utilities and taxes. To be a current account holder you must have a tax code.

☼ The local limestone

Stone is a natural and fragile material but full of history. Renovations of stone buildings have a cultural value; they have higher costs and increase the value of the works. What is impressive is that most of the built elements are stable and safe over time. The main uses of local stone are dry stone walls, trulli, lamia, masserie and castles.

☼ The dry stone walls

The walls, besides delineating the arable land or delimiting the properties, have ecological functions. They are useful as terraces, regulating the flow of waters on steep slopes; they save the soil from erosion, also counteracting the action of the wind; they are able to collect and return water to the soil and plants around it. During the drought phenomena in Puglia, the walls contribute to irrigation, because they release the water resources accumulated with the humid night winds, with the condensation of dew or through the spontaneous vegetation that grows between the stones. Since the dry stone walls are a World Heritage Site, the European Union has allocated funds for conservative restoration projects.

☼ Taxation

If you buy from a private

  • second home: registration tax of 9% + mortgage tax + land registry tax/cadastral tax (fixed € 50 each)
  • first home: registration tax of 2% + mortgage tax + land registry tax/cadastral tax (fixed € 50 each)

If you buy from a business

  • Taxation is 10% (VAT) + registration tax (fixed € 200) + mortgage tax (fixed € 200) + cadastral tax (fixed € 200) for a total of Euro 600,00. For luxury properties VAT is 22%.
  • For residents and first home owners, the tax is 4% (VAT) + registration tax (fixed € 200) + mortgage tax (fixed € 200) + cadastral tax (fixed € 200) for a total of Euro 600,00.

More info on taxation and notary fees


Tax due for the registration of the deed of sale at the Revenue Agency Calculation based on the ‘declared cadastral value’, which could be lower than the market value.


Tax due for the annotation of the transfer of ownership (or other rights or constraints) in Land Registers. Calculation based on the ‘declared cadastral value’, which could be lower than the market value.


Tax due for registration of the transfer of a property (or for the constitution of other rights or restrictions on properties).  Calculation based on the ‘declared cadastral value’, which could be lower than the market value.


The notary’s fee is calculated based on the sale price.

There are no public figures for notary fees. The fee for the practice is at the discretion of the notary. Notary fees are deductible from Irpef (model 730), provided that the items of expense in the receipt issued by the notary are detailed.

More info on first home tax benefits

The requirements for first home tax reliefs are the same for everyone, Italian and non-Italian citizens.

Please check on

When the deal is concluded, the commission for the agent is equal to:

3% for property value higher than 100000,00€
3000 € for property value up to 100000,00 €
(single buyer share, not shared with the seller) + VAT 22%.

☼ Purchase of Agricultural Land

It is good to have a clear understanding of the intended use of the land before signing the deed of sale.
If a land is identified as agricultural it means that it is inserted in an agricultural area, marked in the town planning plan with the letter E.

In these areas it is important to protect the landscape and avoid overcrowding of buildings.

Purchase of agricultural land without concessions

  • 15% registration tax
  • cadastral tax
  • mortgage tax

Purchase of non-agricultural land without concessions

  • 9% registration tax
  • cadastral tax
  • mortgage tax

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