Villa Project III

Two-level Building

Suitable for a hilly terrain, this project allows you to buid a basement where the garage and the cellar or additional bedrooms can be located.

Given the topography of the area, it would be interesting to build the characteristic dry-stone wall.

The dry-stone walls, named UNESCO heritage, are entirely built with stones piled onto others.
Working stone requires experience and careful planning. Large limestone blocks, found in the Carovigno quarries, are cut by hand and placed.

The stone walls, in addition to defining the property, play a crucial role in favouring biodiversity. HERE find out more about stone walls and limestone.


  • certified heat-insulating windows and insulation of external facades for a comfortable indoor environment
  • stand-alone solar system to produce electricity (connection to the electrical grid also possible)
  • floor heating
  • air conditioning
  • humidity protection
  • home automation technology

The smart devices installed in your home allow you to program and monitor lights, temperatures and alarm system, even remotely. You can access to control tools in your home through a mobile APP sending notifications to your smartphone, anywhere in the world.

You can choose the arrangement of the rooms and the pool style.

In a hilly location like this the infinity pool would be the most suitable. The infinity pool creates a mirror effect, merging with the surrounding elements and blending into the blue horizon. HERE found out more about our swimming pools.

Upon request we can place a whirlpool and the concrete beds in the pool.

A Energy Performance Certificate for the EU.

Interested? We will be happy to provide the total costs and a fixed price for the home.

Your LC Immobili team