Our Company

Welcome to LC Immobili & Costruzioni. Our company, operating across the Puglia region, provides insight and assistance to people considering buying, selling home and building a new one.

Combining our passion for the real estate market with expertise in construction management, we are able to offer an overall package, eliminating interfaces and thus improving the customer’s experience.

Our Business

Being well-informed and facilitating the real estate transaction is our Business.

What do our customers really want? How can we help them achieve their goal?

Understanding which is the best investment can be stressful sometimes; our commitment is to help the customer to stay focused on his real needs and find the ideal opportunity for him.

Do you want to buy, sell, invest in Puglia?
Welcome to LC Immobili, we will be happy to know you better and discuss your request.

Lorenzo Carlucci

Founder, Contractor and Estate Agent

Young and dynamic entrepreneur with extensive experience, local knowledge and a flair for networking. He assists in property finding, and in the real estate transaction, while being able to manage renovation and new construction projects. He meets deadlines.

Piero Serio


Innovation, ideas and accuracy brand his work and let your dreams come true.