The swimming pool is as important as its surroundings.
Based on our experience as builders, we recommend the classic inground swimming pool with a concrete tank.
Concrete pools are extremely durable and more flexible with coating and design features.
Why the liner and not the tiles? Due to pressure, the tiles can break or leaks leap, forcing you to unwanted maintenance.
Costs of a swimming pool depend on the pool filter, depth and size: more cubic meters of water require more chemicals for cleaning and more energy to pump the system.

Our types of Pools

  • Skimmer Pool

  • Cascade Infinity Pool

  • Infinity Pool with overflow channel

What is there to know?

Skimmer system:  filtration takes place through suction and output nozzles positioned on the walls of the pool. It is a cheaper but functional solution.
Overflow system: the water level is up to the edge of the pool and overflows into the side channels reaching a compensation tank. Project of considerable complexity and more expensive but of great visual impact.
The height of a swimming pool varies from 120 cm of water to 180 cm in the deepest area.
The main parameters to be adjusted are chlorine and pH. Chlorine is the best product for disinfection, available both granular and liquid. Oxygen and bromine are also used.
The most modern method of disinfection is UV rays.

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